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Why use an Austin Apartment Locator?
Don't ask me why, but many people are hesitant to call a locator! I even understand a little bit, when I wanted to buy a car a few months ago I filled out the info box but left off my phone #, I told myself  I didn't want the phone calls. After a couple weeks of looking around on my own, I decided to fill out the info box and THIS TIME LEAVE MY PHONE #.

                 I am happy to say, I received a much better deal than I found on my own, and it was EASY!

                                  APARTMENT LOCATORS MAKE IT EASY!


Here is the deal, WE ARE LOCAL, WE KNOW AUSTIN. This is our JOB, this is not a hobby, we are VERY GOOD AT WHAT WE DO. This is 100% FREE FOR YOU! Would you like to know how we can be FREE? That was the first question I had before I got into this business.

The apartments have a advertising budget and that includes an apartment locator budget. We advertise for them and bring them qualified people and they pay us. Its easier and cheaper for them to compensate us than it is to spend even more in advertising that may or may not work.

You do NOT pay more if you are with a locator, in fact we can even SAVE YOU MONEY because we know where all the specials are! The apartment manager sends us their their best specials, sometimes on a daily basis!

                                                      Then there is CREDIT!

Its true that good credit makes it easier, BUT... we can work with almost ALL CREDIT SITUATIONS!


Apartments all qualify differently, we know WHICH APARTMENTS WORK WITH ANY SITUATION!

                              PET FRIENDLY APARTMENTS IN AUSTIN TX

We know the pet policies at ALL APARTMENTS, whether you have a large retriever, a Great Dane, 3 pets, a Pit doesn't matter, WE CAN HELP!

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